Project facts

You want to get discounts on products and services? Then become a member and recognize the benefits of consumer cooperatives.

Become a member and purchase Aequator Coins.
You have never heard of the tax-free refund? In this case look up the principle of cooperatives especially the § 22 KStG of German law. This is a novelty of cooperative law and offers a privilege in reimbursements.
You want to get discounts on products and services? Then become a member and recognize the benefits of consumer cooperatives. We got one of the largest consumer cooperations as a partner to our TrustInCoop network.

We would be pleased to welcome you to the TrustInCoop cooperative. Become a member of Genotrust eG today and buy ÆQUATOR BONS.
One for all, all for one!

We show you how to participate with the DAO oriented coin.
Alternative blockchain development

As a buyer of ÆQUATOR BONS which will be automatically exchanged to ÆQUATOR COINS 15 days after closure of the last phase of the Main ICO. The longer you will hold the ÆQUATOR COINS in your personal backoffice by Genotrust eG, the more benefits you will have.

The ÆQUATOR COIN in the beginning is based on Decred blockchain technology. You will benefit from every single real economical project we will implement. Every Member of the cooperation, holding ÆQUATOR COINS will be profiting from the projects executed by us. We see ourselves as socio-economic and technical pioneers to lead the projects to success and let every member join this success. Everything without influence of any third parties. It is the first time that such an offer implements the cooperative principles of openness and codetermination.


MetaChain is a network, able to provide several Sub Chains (Coins) and serving variable demands in one infrastructure. With this new technology we will be able to eliminate a main problem of new coins, not having the resources of a big and functionally network. The whole network of every MetaChain member is available for every Sub Chain. You can imagine the MetaChain as OSI-Layer which encapsules different features (see below), allowing a DEV to save time in development without losing the flexibility of working directly in C++. But every Subchain has its own independent Blockchain.

The main purpose of the ÆQUATOR COIN (AEQ) is to be integrated in our everyday life. To accomplish this goal a lot of trust is needed so we put our focus exactly there. The biggest problems in mining are that the usage of power as well as the staking (distribution of wealth). So we developed a new proof of consense – called Proof of Trust to ensure reliability and trust.

Additional technology features:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Aliases
  • Automatic transfers
  • Deductive transfers
  • Fully encrypted Messenger (filesharing will be included in an upcoming release)
  • Voting system
To simplify the integration in our everyday life, one wallet will be used for every coin on the MetaChain marketplace. Smartphone users will be able to share their hashing power for validation of transactions and will also allow pushing information though Proof through App as long as the Smartphone is in an active state. These measures will increase the decentralization of the network and therefore the users will be rewarded.

Advantages MetaChain

  • Simple creation of new coins with existing sub-infrastructure
  • One Wallet for every count on the MetaChain with included marketplace and messenger
  • Forward scaling performance: The more transactions are in the network, the faster the blockchain will be
  • C++/Solidity programming language
  • Swap from ERC20 Tokens to MetaChain possible
  • Newest technology: NIST, SHA3, KECCAK
  • You are given an existing infrastructure for a new coin - decentralized from day 1
  • and many more - you can find more detailed information in the Whitepaper/Tech paper

With MetaChain we aim to provide a basic code set so that developers can focus their time on innovation rather than reworking old code. Another huge plus is that they can rely on a big hardware network with a settled community – when working with default provided modules, the coin will run out of the box, without any additional steps.
By using the newest NIST approved hashing standard SHA3 all Sub Chains are also quantum attack safe and have great performance by using the sponge-squeeze principle.

With the usage of rocksDB as meta information storage backend we also used a very new, but heavily dynamic and optimized storage engine which allows very fast IO.

Why we won't start on our own Blockchain and start as a DECRED Fork:

Our projects are aspirational, so we decided not to take the risk to start with a not completely finished programmed blockchain. So we searched for a blockchain to start with, which has nearly similar properties as our MetaChain. MetaChain is already live on test net since December 2017, but we want to test more to have a safe start without any trouble on our own blockchain. That's the reason we will start as a DECRED Fork.

Proof of Trust

Our network consists out of 3 different devices:

  • 1. Nodes – Nodes in the network can reach a higher trust level by being reliable and active in the network
  • 2. Clients – Computers, Servers, Miners, Routers, ..., still are the backbone of hashing power but will be used only in special cases to save electrical power and hashing power.
  • 3. Mobile Devices – Smartphones and Tablets can be part of the network by using our App service Proof through App (PtA). The hashing power will be used on demand only so there will be no noteworthy battery power reduction.

Additional "physical" features:

ATM / Point of Sale

Under the umbrella of a stock broking bank we are the first company that will roll out its own Crypto machines in Germany. Under the brand name Cryptomat, a high-quality ATM is set up that offers various functions and meets the requirement of the EZB (European Central Bank) and the Deutsche Bundesbank.
The main functions are:

  • Suitable for local currency and additional currencies.
  • Selected range of cryptographic currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and others)
  • 2-way ATM’s = payment of cryptocurrencies
  • Pay-out of local currencies
  • KYC = simple guided system to identify the user of the roll-out planning

Establishment of own ATMs for crypto and state currencies both in Germany and internationally
Currently there are many different model variants with different functions in many countries of the world. In the standard version, only one national currency can be changed to Bitcoin without undergoing user identification (Know Your Customer [KYC] procedures). To fully-fledged ATMs with a variety of functions and a complex and high-quality identification process.
Under the brand name Cryptomat © we will set up high-quality ATMs that offer various functions and meet the requirements of the European Central Bank as well as the Bundesbank. All legal requirements relating to money laundering, customer identification and check of the submitted bills are authenticated. The KYC procedure will be carried out according the currently valid regulations. With your fully verified Membership account you gain full access to our cryptomat network as well as access to all of our TrustInCoop partner products and services. (e.g. other crypto ATM networks)

Functions of the cryptomats ©
• Simple and guided system for identifying the user.
• Low transaction fees.
• Buy with cash or debit card, credit card or cash card.
• High security through electronic code locked safe.
• High quality banknote validator for identification of counterfeit or damaged banknotes and collection of these according to regulatory requirements.
• Card dispensers (issuing debit cards and membership cards)
• PoS terminal for card payment
• Monitor for Education Videos / Tutorials
• Crypto Buy & Sell feature
• Distribution of non-personalized cards
• TopUp the debit card
• 26% participation in profits will be distributed to members of GenoTrust via tax-free reimbursement.

Payment & Member Card
• Debit Card
• NFC Function / 3D Secure
• Mobile App and Back office with Exchange for Buy & Sell option for crypto currencies (BTC, AEQ, LTC, ETH, DASH)
• API interfaces for prepaid wallet
• Issue of debit cards EEA
• Ticket issuing via "Airdrop"

Green Mining

The installation and operation of our own mining farm with the focus on taking care of energy resources. One key feature therefore is to produce energy by recycling waste material, such as PE and PPE. The goal is to keep the infrastructure of our network decentralised while creating a system which is ecological and at the same time economical.

The main focus will be on GPU Mining, because its possible to use the hardware for multiple purposes.  In other words, we will find locations for our facilities that will allow us to create a green and economical system that transforms waste into energy (waste to energy).

bullet Points
• Optimal overclocking performance due to stable chip temperatures at + 61.oC
• Minimal effort for cooling
• 365 days / year Freecooling Green Mining by multiple use of the energy used e.g. through direct feed into heating systems.
• Generators as cooperation partners
• Access to 9,000 renewable energy sources
• Liquid cooling with Novec liquid
• Own hardware manufacturing to optimize performance
• Use of waste heat as process heat
• Use of waste heat via absorber for cooling
• first Container with this process is planned and ready for implementation
• Homemining equipment for electricity price reduction is planned
• 62% participation in profits will be distributed to members of GenoTrust via tax-free rebate

Liquid Cooling

Further development plans
Sales, installation and maintenance of Professional Energy Boxes (PEB) for multi-family homes and businesses with the functions:
• Mining cryptocurrencies
• Generation of heat for use as heating energy
• Generation of cooling by means of a heat exchanger for air conditioning
• Reduction of electricity costs
Sales, installation and maintenance of home energy boxes (HEB) for single-family homes.

POS payment systems for retail crypto currency

Point of sale systems enable direct payment with cryptocurrencies in retail. The payment process is just as convenient as with an EC or credit card, but the transaction costs are much lower. We already have cooperations with large retailers who operate on big consumer markets which are also organized as cooperatives.


Trust Xchange is a separate trading platform for crypto currencies under the liability umbrella of a securities trading bank, where a large number of other crypto currencies can be traded in addition to the AEquator Coin.

Do you want to be part of a cooperative community and be directly involved in real economic projects such as green mining, crypto machines, POS and training? The distributions are tax-free, and the deposits are secured by a 25 % bailout reserve.