ICO Vision

The vision is to combine the unimagined chances and opportunities of blockchain technology with the cooperative principles of community and cooperation. This technology is used to liberate people from the shackles of centrally controlled power structures, so that a self-determined, free and responsible life can be led. Beyond that, one moves away from old patterns of belief and thought patterns that are characterized by competition, mistrust, fear of resources and so on. We live and love cooperation. This means reaching each other faster and more economically.

Corporate structure

The chosen corporate structure of the management company for the realization and implementation of the ICO is the proven and cooperative legal form of the registered cooperative societies. Due to its equally decentralized and autonomous structure, this harmonises perfectly with those of blockchain technology. Each member has rights of participation and is also a co-entrepreneur due to his membership in the cooperative Genotrust eG. Cooperatives in Germany are regularly audited by their competent audit association in accordance with § 53 Genossenschaftsgesetz (GenG). In addition, the participating cooperatives additionally and regularly submit themselves to a special examination for the certification and achievement of the seal of the approved cooperative (Förderwirtschaftlich geprüfte Genossenschaft).

Due to the separation of risk and capital and the liability umbrella of a stock broking bank, all participants of the ICO become a member of GenoTrust eG. With 99% each, GenoTrust eG participates as a limited partner in the respective project companies and is authorized to give instructions to the DBC Deutsche BlockChain eG as the managing company and compliment holder. The profits flow back from the project companies, as referred to in the limited partnerships to GenoTrust eG. Through an agreement between the project companies DBC MetaChain eG & Co. KG (as issuer) and GenoTrust eG (as management company), GenoTrust eG passes on its profits to its members as a tax-free refund.  The personal liability of Members for financial damages of third parties  is therefore excluded. Since every cooperative in Germany has to fulfill a purpose of promotion, TrustINCoop has a structure-owned university and a foundation attached to it, which guarantees this.

Application of funds

25% deposit in the Coop Bailout Reserve (CBR)
8% administrative costs
(Tax advice, legal advice, business consulting, administration costs, member administration, fiduciary costs, examination fees, personnel costs, pro-rata marketing costs, etc.)
67% will be invested in the project companies
DBC MetaChain eG & Co. KG 3%
DBC Cryptomats © eG & Co. KG 10%
DBC Point of Sale eG & Co. KG 10%
DBC GreenMining eG & Co. KG 37%
TrustXchange eG 7%

The percentages stated here are indicative at the time of issue. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of GenoTrust eG decide autonomously and regularly on the general corporate and investment strategy in compliance with the purpose of promotion and considering market observation, competitive and economic situation.

Funds Allocation total

Funds allocation project based

ICO overview and pricing

In order to prevent that earnings already arise from mining during the ICO (pre-mining) which could be withheld from the members, the æquator coins are only brought into the system with the Genesis block. With a focus on complying with all the regulations enforced by the German supervisory authorities, we offer an ÆQUATOR bon during the ICO, which is automatically converted into the ÆQUATOR coin (AEQ) at the end of the ICO phase. Thus, during the ICO phase, ÆQUATOR bons are issued by the DBC MetaChain eG & Co. KG. A total of 1,125.000.000 billion ÆQUATOR coins will be generated in the Genesis block. 100.000.000 AEQ coins are reserved for our bounty system, which is intended for cooperation partners who were involved in the implementation of this project but are not part of the core team. Another 25.000.000 AEQ coins are reserved for the development team as they do not receive any other compensation for their development.  Thus, 1,000.000.000 billion ÆQUATOR coins are offered as ÆQUATOR bons for purchase. 30% will be issued in the pre-ICO phase. 70% in the four ICO main phases.

  • Start of pre-ICO - 16.07.2018 at 00:01 (CET)

  • Duration of pre-ICO - until 17.08.2018 00:00 (CET)

  • ÆQUATOR bon amount in the pre-ICO - 300,000,000 (30%)

  • minimum amount: 100,00 EUR

  • Duration of ICO main phases I-IV

  • ÆQUATOR bon amount in the ICO main phases - 700,000,000 (70%)

  • Main ICO Phase I: 0.75 EUR per ÆQUATOR bon (17.08.2018 00:01 - 08.09.2018 00:00) (CET)

  • Main ICO Phase II: 0.85 EUR per ÆQUATOR bon (08.09.2018 00:01 - 30.09.2018 00:00) (CET)

  • Main ICO Phase III: 0.90 EUR per ÆQUATOR bon (30.09.2018 00:01 - 21.10.2018 00:00) (CET)

  • Main ICO Phase IV: 0.95 EUR per ÆQUATOR bon (21.10.2018 00:01 - 12.11.2018 00:00) (CET)

  • minimum amount: 100,00 EUR

private - ICO

Please contact us for a direct offer.

Start: 01.04.2018 00:00:00
End: 15.07.2018 23:59:59


pre - ICO


Start: 16.07.2018 00:00:00
End: 16.08.2018 23:59:59


ICO - Phase I


Start: 17.08.2018 00:00:00
End: 07.09.2018 23:59:59


ICO - Phase II


Start: 08.09.2018 00:00:00
End: 29.09.2018 23:59:59


ICO - Phase III


Start: 30.09.2018 00:00:00
End: 20.10.2018 23:59:59

Starting soon

ICO - Phase IV


Start: 21.10.2018 00:00:00
End: 11.11.2018 23:59:59

Not started

More information about our ICO you find here:

You can find the official interactive cooperative offer documentation about ÆQUATOR COIN below.
This document gets updated constantly with new features and specifications.

Smart Analytics

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