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The ÆQUATOR Coin enables decentralized trading and promotes equality on the internet. Our coin combines expandable blockchain technology with the real-life economy. Each participant of our cooperative offer becomes a member of Genotrust eG and is also part of the association Trust In Coop which means that you can participate in all our real life projects.

One for all, all for one.

You can find the official interactive cooperative offer documentation about ÆQUATOR COIN below.
This document gets updated constantly with new features and specifications.

If you want to see how AEQUATOR works under the hood, check our technical paper.

Be a part of our interactive cooperative offer

ICO Phase IV has been completed on schedule

ICO Phase IV has been completed on schedule since November 11 and the Genesis Block will be generated. We have decided to continue to sell ATQUATOR-Bons at a price of 1 Euro. In this way we enable our members and future members to continue to be involved in the projects. One of these projects is nearing completion: We want to set up the first Crypto ATM in Berlin later this year.

Key facts

  • Registered and certified cooperatives

  • Fair, documented and tax-free cooperative reimbursement.

  • Every Member has the right to vote and furthermore decide on future project development by an Interactive Digital Assembly (IDA)

  • Every Member has the right to be informed, the right to ask and the right to speak at the annually general assembly.

  • Tangible, calculated and real economic projects.

  • Support for our Members with Information and Education by our associated CoopGoUniversity

Cooperative Benefit

Get your personal cooperative benefits now.

Buy ÆQUATOR Coins and get your personal Debitcard in TrustInCoop design.

Spend minimum EUR 500,00 to get your personal Debitcard issued for free including one year administration fee.

Spend minimum EUR 10.000,00 to get your personal Debitcard issued for free including three years administration fee and 50% discount on user fees. 

Key projects of AEQUATOR-Coin


blockchain infrastructure technology

Green Mining

maximum energy efficiency based on a 2 factor immersion liquid cooling system

Cryptomat ©

fully compliant and high quality Crypto ATM


Point of Sale solutions for crypto and fiat currencies


  • Cooperative decentralized mining plant
  • Liquid cooling solutions in direct cooperation with dehmel 2phlC technologies
  • Green mining through multiple use of the energy used (direct feed into heating systems)
  • Cooperation with a securities trading bank
  • Development and expansion of the Cryptomat (T) network in Germany and the EEA
  • Development and expansion of the PoS (Point of Sale ) network in Germany and in the EEA area
  • Establishment of a new consensus algorithm (Proof of Trust and Proof through App)
  • Crypto based debit card
  • Own Exchange as a cooperative supported by a liability umbrella

ÆQUATOR Coin Milestones (ROADMAP)

  • Incorporation of DO Projects GmbH - Switzerland

    Formation of TrustChain Technologies

  • Incorporation DEBTC Deutsche BitCoin eG

    Tech paper publication

    Whitepaper publication

  • Fusion of DEBTC Deutsche BitCoin eG and Trust Chain Technologies

    Start programming METACHAIN

    First LOI´s with partners

  • Installation of the management companies in the cooperative legal form

    Renaming DEBTC Deutsche BitCoin eG into DBC Deutsche Blockchain eG

    Incorporation Genotrust eG and trustXchange eG

    Creation of the Interactive Cooperative Offer

    NDA with stock broking bank

  • Expansion to Vienna (dev office)

    Expansion to Frankfurt (org office)

    Formation of TrustInCoop as umbrella organisation

    Incorporation of DBC MetaChain eG & Co. KG

    Incorporation of DBC Cryptomaten eG & Co. KG

    Incorporation of DBC Point of Sale eG & Co. KG

    Incorporation of DBC GreenMining eG & Co. KG

    Partnership with ATM manufacturer

  • Expansion to Berlin (admin office)

    Partnership with 3M

    Partnership with Dehmel Systemplanung

    Partnership with Windströöm

    Partnership with CMP International AG

    Partnership with Cloud&Heat

    Partnership with PPRO

    Decision to do a fork of Decred

    Exhibition Seamless ME 2018 Dubai (cryptomat)

  • Softopening Berlin (13.7.-15.7.)

    Start PRE-ICO (16.7.-16.8.)

    Main Event 15.8.-16.8.

    Start Main ICO I-III (17.8.-20.10.)

    Rollout Cryptomat © network

  • Start Main ICO IV (21.10.-11.11.)

    Genesis Block ÆQUATOR (Start Blockchain)

    Rollout Debitcard

    Rollout App

    Rollout ÆQUATOR Wallet

    Start/beginning crypto exchange

Coin specification at start/beginning


BLAKE256(14r) algorithm

initial-supply for ICO 1,125.000.000 AEQ

(1,000.000.000 AEQ for sale)

100.000.000 AEQ for bounty system

25.000.000 AEQ for development

block reward at start 80,00 AEQ

smart block reward adaption (10 times per year)

blocktime: 60 sec

Bounty System

Take part in our bounty-system.
We aim for a community which uses word-to-mouth to distribute news around the world.
You have a blog? You are a graphic artist? You run a YouTube-channel? You are an active member on Bitcoin talk?
If you want to participate and earn some ÆQUATOR-Coins write a public and objective article about our project.
You are an IT entrepreneur or technologically experienced?
Test our system for possible errors and report them to our support to earn some ÆQUATOR-Coins. We will take care of the issues.
You are writing press releases or are an editor?
Work with us and let us create an unprecedented YouTube Info channel.

Get in touch with us by Mail: [email protected]

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